Streamline the Best Custom Formulas with Our Client API

The Personalized Nutrients Client API is a RESTful API designed to allow websites/applications to interact with in an automated mechanism. The API requires authenticated access, client enablement, as well as SSL encryption of data and gives the practitioner access to our Online Formulator for developing truly customized supplement formulations for their patients.

Build the Best Custom Supplements with the Personalized Nutrients API

At Personalized Nutrients, we take the development of Personalized Supplement formulas to a new level by extending the functionalities of our Online Formulator to the Practitioner’s side. Applications at the side of the practitioner can interact with our system using the API modules and get access to many key features.


Get real time access to our list of 400+ Raw Materials using the API. At Personalized Nutrients, we have a lot of high-quality raw materials available that we procure from the best rated vendors.

Through the Personalized Nutrients API, practitioners can easily curate their custom supplement formulas and bring their ideas to real life products as they get access to hundreds of raw materials.

This gives them the freedom to express their clinical opinion without worrying about ingredient availability.


Building a customized supplement formula just got easier with our API. With just a couple of steps, you can select the ingredients, define their dosages, and using the functionalities of our custom client API, you can create the formula. Also get access to real time results on the formula such as total serving size, number of pills per serving, etc.

As a practitioner, you can either build a totally new formula from scratch or use our in-house available formulas as a foundation to build your custom ones. Our client API allows practitioners to fetch the list of formulas available, get details about each of them, create a custom formula, delete already built formulas, or make changes to already created ones.


Create and place an order for the custom formula in real-time from our API seamlessly with your own website.

A couple of functionalities that can be accessed on the client side include updating the order details, getting the Order status list, shipping and payment method list, performing search and filtering in the order list, and getting the order details.


Generate real-time pricing using our API to work with your own custom site. Now you can get accurate and precise quotations for your formulas based on your order details and requirements.

With a real-time and accurate price generator, our API is best suited for your healthcare practice because it helps to fasten the process of creating and delivering your custom formula at reasonable costs.


The Affiliate functionality of our API allows practitioners to manage a network of offices and partners from a single interface. The Personalized Nutrients API lets you power your own website with the full functionality of our customized manufacturing process giving you the freedom to formulate truly customized supplements.

Fetching details of an individual affiliate, getting a specialty list, creating a new client under an affiliate, or deleting it are some of the key functionalities that can help you level up your practice.

Extending & Leveraging the Personalized Nutrients API for your Business

  • Leveraging the key functionalities of the Personalized Nutrients API is a sure-shot way to level up your healthcare practice and strengthen your credibility as a practitioner.
  • Through our API, not only you will be able to seamlessly build custom supplement formulas, but also get in-depth access to your patient’s health parameters.
  • Building custom formulas has never been this easier before. With just a few steps you can curate a customized formula and send it to production which will be delivered to your patient’s doorsteps in no time. Save cost and time significantly with our API and reduce pill fatigue for your patients by bringing your custom formulation concepts to real life supplement products.