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Personalized and Compounded Nutrients is a 10+ years old reputed Custom Supplement manufacturer which is leading the nutraceutical revolution by assisting practitioners to bring their custom supplement formulation ideas to real-life products using state-of-the-art formulator technology.

Add to that, a Custom Supplement Manufacturing Facility, and you have the power to build the best custom private label supplements for your patients in line with your practice.

Do you want to take your functional medicine practice to the next level? Are you tired of seeing your patients struggle to stick to their custom supplements regimen and looking for a way to boost compliance?

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Functional medicine practitioners understand the importance of addressing the underlying causes of a health issue to achieve optimal health outcomes for their patients. And one of the key ways to support this approach is through the use of targeted custom formula supplements.

By working with a custom formula supplement manufacturer, you can create customized nutrition supplements that are tailored to the specific needs of your patients. This will not only help address specific health concerns and fill nutrient gaps but also provide a convenient and cost-effective way for your patients to manage their health and improve their overall quality of life.

Trust in the expertise of a reputable custom nutraceutical manufacturer to ensure you’re providing your patients with safe and effective custom formulation supplements, and watch your practice soar to new heights.

We don’t just Manufacture Custom Supplements. We ensure Exclusivity


Creating custom supplements in line with your healthcare practice is not just only about putting some ingredients together and building custom health supplements. It’s about Exclusivity. It’s about bringing your own custom formulation supplement idea to life using technology tools and creating custom nutritional supplements that are truly exclusive to your practice.

Creating custom supplements in line with your healthcare practice goes beyond simply combining ingredients to build custom health supplements. It’s about creating something truly Unique and Exclusive to your practice.

Having your own custom formulation supplement idea and bringing it to life using technology tools is a way to differentiate yourself and your practice in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Exclusivity in this context means offering a product that your patients cannot find elsewhere, or it also means that you can offer a unique solution to a specific problem your patients may be facing.

Custom nutritional supplements that are exclusive to your practice can help to increase patient loyalty, as well as attract new patients who are looking for unique solutions to their health problems. A great approach to increase patient retention and satisfaction. Furthermore, custom manufactured supplements can also help you in boosting your overall revenue, and offset the cost of the ingredients & the manufacturing process.
Overall, engaging with custom manufacturing of high quality supplements in line with your healthcare practice can be a powerful tool for differentiating your practice, increasing patient loyalty and satisfaction, and increasing overall revenue.

Personalized and Compounded Nutrients help you in building custom nutrition supplements that are truly exclusive to your practice. Protect all of the hard work that you have put into building your own private label custom blend supplements. Applicable to building custom blended supplements both for individual patient needs and for your private label supplement business.

One of the Best Custom Supplement Manufacturers for Low Minimum Orders


Finding a custom supplement manufacturer for your healthcare practice that fulfills low minimum order quantities is key to getting your unique supplement products off the ground.

Whether it’s about building for your patient’s individual health needs or your private label supplement business, having a custom supplements manufacturing company by your side that fulfill low minimum order requirements ensure your flexibility. Create your unique formulations whenever you want and in whatever quantities you feel are the best without worrying about a huge financial commitment.

If you are looking for the best custom manufactured supplements in line with your healthcare practice and low minimum order quantities,

Personalized and Compounded Nutrients is your go-to partner.

The key to building innovative custom dietary supplements is to save time and money, and ensuring best quality and safety standards. We don’t just do custom manufacturing of food and dietary supplements, but also provide practitioners with a bunch of other services like formulating the custom formula, selecting the best quality ingredients, packaging, labeling as well as order fulfillment. We want to see you succeed as a practitioner in the custom supplements space by being your go-to reliable backend partner.

Leading Custom Vitamin Manufacturer in USA for Building Custom Blends


Custom vitamins and supplements comprise a major chunk of dietary formulas when we talk about building custom made formulations to boost your patients’ health.
Personalized and Compounded Nutrients are the leading custom vitamin supplements manufacturer in the USA and here’s their 3 Step roadmap to help you build one of the best and high-quality custom made vitamin supplements and formulation for your specific requirements.

Step 1: Start building your custom formula by either starting from scratch or using any of our existing in-house custom made supplements as a foundation, tweak it according to your needs, and build a new customized vitamin and supplement formula.

Step 2: Access 400+ raw materials and ingredients. Select the ones according to your specific requirements to have your own raw material combination, specify the dosages and use our online formulator technology to build custom made vitamins supplements and formulations within minutes.

Leverage the power of our Personalized Nutrients API and get access to functionalities that you have never implemented before while building custom supplements.

Step 3: To order custom vitamins and supplements from Personalized and Compounded Nutrients means following rigorous quality check SOPs so that each stage of the manufacturing process is safeguarded adequately and what you get is one of the best private label custom supplements for your specific requirements.

Innovation & Technology – Heart of our Custom Supplements Manufacturing

Innovation and technology play a vital role in the manufacturing of our custom capsule supplements. Alongside capsules, we manufacture powder supplements too. We believe that by constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we can provide our practitioners with the highest quality custom dietary supplements that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our state-of-the-art NSF GMP registered facilities are equipped with the latest technology and staffed with highly trained professionals who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of making custom supplements that are the best as per industry standards and meet all guidelines. This allows us to produce create unique custom supplements that are backed by science and research, ensuring their effectiveness, potency, and safety.

We also continuously research new ingredients and the latest trends in the market to provide the most innovative solutions to our practitioners. By constantly investing in technology and innovation, we can ensure that our practitioners receive the best possible custom herbal supplements to support the health and well-being of their patients.

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