We’re pleased to offer the following resources to help get the word out about the best-kept-secret in nutraceuticals!

Feel free to use these to inform patients on the benefits of PN and sell more formulas!

New! Doctor Formula Script Pad

Download this script pad  and edit with your own formulas.  Then print them out for a quick and easy way to jot down your patients protocols and fine tune custom ingredients.

Script Pads from Capsule Manufacturing Company Personalized Nutrients

Information Flyers 

Simple, one-page digital brochures ready to be sent to patients outlining the benefits of getting started with PN.

Print and use in your office, or attach to an email!

Pop-Up Display

Request a free pop-up display to boost patient interest in creating their own PN formula! Sell more PN formulas, with less work! 

Generate Patient Interest in Custom Supplement Formulation through Free Customized Pop Up Display.
  • Simple set-up
  • 18″ x 18″ design
  • Bottle customization
  • Shipped to you for free

Are your Patients Tired of taking too many supplements? Is it increasing their Supplementation Burden?

Look no further than Personalized Nutrients.

Convey the True benefits of Personalized Nutrition to your Patients effectively to make their life easier.

  • Get all of their supplements in one bottle with Fewer Pills.
  • Reduce their Supplementation Burden.
  • Get their Supplements created as per their custom nutrition needs.
  • It’s highly cost-effective.
  • Get custom formulations made using the best quality ingredients.

You can now easily communicate these points to your patients through a Custom-made Pop-Up display available now for free upon request.

Use this to stimulate conversation about Personalized Nutrition with your Patients.

Generate Patient Interest in Personalized Nutrition through this Pop-up display and take your practice to a new level.