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Created to empower healthcare professionals by allowing for personalized supplement formulations, custom-made to meet individual patient needs.

Innovation. Personalization. Quality.


You maintain full control and freedom to express your clinical opinion. We make the product but you control the dose, the raw material combination, the suggested use, the label, and many other factors.


Pill fatigue is a thing of the past with Personalized Nutrient’s formulator. Help your patient’s compliance with less pills daily and consolidate their nutritional protocols into one bottle.


Our revolutionary formulator gives you access to real-time pricing and serving sizes as you build custom formulas. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process will execute your unique offering with accuracy, speed, and superior quality.

Raw Materials

Hundreds of ingredients to choose from.  For a full and current list of ingredient please see our Raw Materials Page

Safety and Assurance

Our cloud based online formulator has you covered. Upper intake safeguards ensure there is no excessive dosing when you build a formula.

Cell Phone


The Personalized Nutrients API allows doctors and Integrative Medicine Professionals to integrate Personalized Nutrients’ manufacturing application into their backend and frontend online web systems.

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