Adrenal Glandular Extract
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Nutrient name:

Adrenal glandular extract


Glandular dietary supplements refer to productscontaining raw animal glandular and nonglandulartissues or extracts of these tissues. These tissuesand extracts are normally dried and ground-up.Adrenal extracts are derived from the adrenalglands of cows, pigs, or sheep gathered from slaughterhouses.Although adrenal extract has been used to treat fatigue and to balance the adrenalfunction, currently there is a lack of human trials to support these claims. The possiblebenefits of adrenal extract are thought to be the result of a combination of supplyingsmall amounts of adrenal hormones and promoting improved adrenal function. Orally,adrenal extract is used for imbalanced adrenal function, fatigue, stress, inflammatoryconditions, impaired resistance to illness, and for treating severe allergies.

Functions/Clinical Efficacy:

There is no scientific evidence that adrenal extract constituents are absorbed intact in thegastrointestinal tract. There are suggestions that some constituents are too large forabsorption or destroyed during digestion. There are no human trials to support theabsorption or efficacy of adrenal extracts.

Although there is little in the area of scientific documentation for oral administration, aseries of animal studies demonstrated that oral administration of adrenal extract to mice,rats, and dogs who had their adrenal glands removed produced the same activity asinjectable adrenal extract.


  • 100-300mg, 1-3 times daily.
  • Note: New Zealand adrenal glandular supplements are recommended. Raw tissue concentrates imported from New Zealand are made from toxin-free lyophilized glands from animals grazed on rangeland free of pesticides, growth hormones,antibiotics, or chemical additives

Symptoms of Deficiency:

  • Adrenal glandular has no known deficiency associated with it
  • However, imbalances in the adrenal glands can lead to inflammation, insulinresistance, fatigue, thyroid imbalances, problems with sleep, and a host of othermetabolic changes.

Side Effects and Warnings:

  • Use with caution in children under 2 years of age.
  • Bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) has been reported in some countries, andadrenal extract products should be avoided in these areas. United States FDA hasissued a warning about the use of dietary supplements made from bovine glandulartissue.

Food Sources:

  • Not obtained from food sources. Substantial amounts can only be obtained by takinga nutritional supplement.

Adrenal Glandular Extract
Patient Snapshot


  • Adrenal glandular extract is used to support healthy adrenal glands, such as during stressfultimes or when faced with a health issue such as a decreased immune system.


  • The most common dose is 100-300mg, 1-3 times a day. Talk with your healthcare providerbefore using glandular supplements.

Special Concerns:

  • If you are taking prescription or non-prescription medications, have a pre-existing medicalcondition, or are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, talk with your healthcare provider beforetaking any dietary supplement.
  • Do not take if there is an allergy to any component of this dietary supplement.
  • Do not use in children under 2 years of age without the knowledge of a healthcareprofessional.



DISCLAIMER: Statements made are for educational purposes and have not been evaluated by the US Food and DrugAdministration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition ordisease, please talk to your doctor prior to using the recommendations given


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