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Two offerings with one common goal—your Freedom to Formulate.

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Personalized Nutrients

Individualized solutions for practitioners and patients.

Personalized Nutrition is rooted in the concept that one size does not fit all. The differences in biochemistry, metabolism, genetics, and microbiota contribute to the dramatic inter-individual differences observed in response to nutrition, nutrient status, dietary patterns, and environmental exposures. Justin and Pete launched the Personalized Nutrients brand in 2015 to showcase a commitment to mass customization nutraceutical manufacturing; which overcomes the challenges around manufacturing truly made-to-order, individualized supplements through its innovative and proprietary process and technology.  Personalized Nutrients cloud-based online formulator allows practitioners the freedom to formulate the ultimate consolidated nutritional supplements and obtain the highest level of patient compliance. Practitioners have absolute control individualizing the formula based on all the factors that define Personalized Nutrition.

Compounded Nutrients Logo. Leading Nutraceutical Manufacturer helping practitioners start their private label supplement business.

Compounded Nutrients

Putting practitioners first.

The shortcomings of the mass-produced, one-size-fits-all option were evident. Patients being prescribed upwards of 10 separate products from 4 or more different manufacturers requiring a capsule intake of 15-20 capsules daily. Facing redundant formula overlap, poor patient compliance, and the challenge of excess inventory, many professionals began exploring private label manufacturing seeking out the freedom to create their own concepts. Here they found a new set of challenges – high minimums and long lead times. This all changed with the introduction of Compounded Nutrients and our easy-to-use cloud-based online formulator. By allowing practitioners the freedom to consolidate multiple products into one, we’ve seen a significant reduction in bottle and pill fatigue, better compliance, and higher reorder rates. Offering true exclusivity and simplified inventory management, Compounded Nutrients is the best kept secret in supplement manufacturing.

NSF GMP Logo. Personalized Nutrients and Compounded Nutrients is NSF GMP Registered.
Personalized Nutrients and Compounded Nutrients are NSF GMP Certified which is a Gold Standard in Third Party Certification.