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Compounded Nutrients is the answer for healthcare professionals looking to design their own high-quality custom private label supplements in manageable quantities. Contact us to get started.
Bring your custom supplement ideas to real life formulas and express your clinical opinion with our team of experts. We’ll guide you through the process of building your own line of custom supplement formulations from start to end.
Get access to our state-of-the-art cloud-based formulator technology and do more than just private label.

Reputable & Established Partner for Custom Private Label Supplements

Compounded Nutrients stands out as one of the industry’s premier custom supplement manufacturers for practitioners looking to launch their own line of customized private label nutraceutical formulas. With our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, you can successfully elevate your custom supplement business that reflects your expertise and vision while meeting the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

Here’s Why You Should Partner with Compounded Nutrients

Compounded Nutrients ensures exclusivity for practitoners when it comes to creating custom dietary supplements for their private label supplement business.


Increase demand and reorders by offering your patients formulas exclusive to your practice and brand. You have true exclusivity—which protects you from online discounting of the same formula for less elsewhere. It also allows you to control retail pricing so you aren’t subject to shrinking margins.

Compounded Nutrients Simplify Inventory Management for Practitioners looking to start their private label supplement business and take their practice to the next level.


Consolidate separate products into one formula using our online formulator. Mitigate ingredient overlap, and increase or decrease dosing to utilize the optimal amount of capsule space. Available with low minimum order requirements.

Compounded Nutrients manufacture custom supplements using innovative technologies such as their online formulator and computer-aided manufacturing process.

Innovation and Technology

Our formulator and computer-aided manufacturing process is the first of its kind. You will have access to real-time pricing and serving sizes as you build custom formulas. With live-production tracking, you’ll never wonder about your order status. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process will execute your unique offering with accuracy, speed, and superior quality.

At Personalized Nutrients practitioners can maintain full control and freedom to express their clinical opinion.


From the dose to the raw material combination, the label, and more – you are in control. We give you access to hundreds of raw materials and condition specific protocols to utilize for inspiration.  Enjoy the Freedom to Formulate with your clinical opinion.

The Compounded Nutrients API allows doctors and Integrative Medicine Professionals to integrate Compounded Nutrients� manufacturing application into their backend and frontend systems.


The Compounded Nutrients API allows doctors and Integrative Medicine Professionals to integrate Compounded Nutrients’ manufacturing application into their backend and frontend systems. Developers can access and Integrate the PN Manufacturing application into the systems of qualified medical professionals only.

More Details About our API

 Choose from 450+ Top Tier Ingredients to Create Your Custom Formula

Harness the power of our extensive selection of over 450 top-tier ingredients to effortlessly develop your very own line.
Unlock the potential of custom supplement creation with Compounded Nutrients – proudly known as the best private label supplement manufacturer for practitioners in the USA. Elevate your practice by seamlessly formulating supplements that truly resonate with your expertise and your patient’s needs, all backed by our guarantee for quality assurance.

Customization at its Finest – Create Your Own Branding & Labelling

At Compounded Nutrients, we empower you to take your practice to the next level by enabling the creation of your very own exclusive line of custom private label health supplements, complete with personalized branding and labeling. Our platform allows healthcare professionals to infuse their expertise into every aspect, from formulation to presentation.
With Compounded Nutrients, you’re not just offering custom supplements; you’re delivering a branded experience that embodies your dedication to optimal health and wellness.

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