We give you Freedom to Formulate

Our unique manufacturing process offers practitioners the versatility to create both their own custom line of private label supplements and offer their patients personalized supplement formulations on a per-person basis; all produced in an NSF certified facility.

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Formulas for your Practice

Compounded Nutrients is the answer for healthcare professionals looking to design their own high-quality private label supplements in manageable quantities. Our unique Mass Customization Manufacturing Model makes it possible to consolidate your supplements into one bottle by cutting down on overlap and pinpointing specific daily dosages.

Custom Supplement formulations made by Personalized Nutrients in Bottles according to individual patient requirements.

Design with Precision

Personalized Nutrients was created to empower healthcare professionals by allowing for personalized supplement formulations, custom-made to meet individual patient needs. Our ability to consolidate ingredients means fewer pills and a simplified dosing system for your patients.

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